Meet the Leadership Team

Bradley Allf

Bradley is a PhD student in Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology at NC State and a member of the Public Science Cluster. He studies the impact of community participation in science on the public’s attitudes and behaviors as they relate to science and conservation. In undergrad, he studied biology and creative writing, and science communication seems to be a natural nexus of those two interests. Before arriving at NC State, Bradley worked for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and as a freelance science writer. He is also Associate Editor for In Layman’s Terms, a science-inspired literary magazine.

Allyson Blake, Communications Chair [Ex Officio]


Allyson Blake graduated in 2020 with a degree in Science, Technology, & Society with a minor in Environmental Sciences. Originally from Maine, Allyson has a passion for environmental stewardship and the outdoors. She enjoys yoga, rock-climbing, and eating out with friends. Allyson has experience farming oysters in Damariscotta, Maine and has interests in Agritourism and Science Communications.


Katy May

Katy is a community engagement practitioner with formal training from Duke University in community-based environmental management, and is currently completing her doctoral work in Science Education at North Carolina State University. Her full-time work is for the Center for Human Health and the Environment at NC State, where she leads the Center’s community engagement, science communication, and public education efforts. Both her research and her engagement work is focused on implementing and evaluating environmental health literacy initiatives.

Michelle Jewell

Michelle Jewell is the only person from Flint, MI who has hosted an episode of Shark Week.  She has over a decade of experience connecting people with science, communicating the complexities and achievements of research, project management, and developing successful communication and fundraising campaigns.  Michelle is currently the Chief Science Communicator for NC State’s Department of Applied Ecology.  She is also a two time karaoke champion.

Dr. Andy Binder, Faculty Advisor

Dr. Binder conducts research on controversial science topics, including how information about those topics is transmitted through various communication channels and what impact that communication has on risk perception and public understanding of science.